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Boozy Themed 4 Piece Cork Laser Etched Coaster Gift Box Set

Our laser cut cork coasters make the perfect functional yet funny gift! There are 4 coasters in each of out themed boxes. These coasters are 100% cork, and are laser cut in our Wixom, MI warehouse. Each one is 4" x 4" and 1/5" thick. We have 8 different themed sets: boozy, wine-o, mom life, dog lover, brunchies, cat lady, foodie, and use me. Looking for display ideas? Checkout our coaster box set display here!: https://www.faire.com/product/p_4fsvlyhx5t?bQ=display&refB=1 Keywords: boozy coaster set, best selling cork coasters, drink coasters, funny barware, best selling brands, drink ware, snarky alcohol products, funny gifts with words, coasters with words on them, I'm not slurring my words I'm speaking in cursive, are we having drinks or are we having dranks I need to dress accordingly, nothing says I mean business like using a cart at the liquor store, most popular brands on faire, lnb, ellenbee, ellembee, snarky alcohol gifts,

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