360-Piece Large Stacking Blocks and Building Set for kids


I finally found bristle blocks!

Colorful blocks and simple, easy to connect pieces are just some of the reasons your child will love playing with these blocks. With a fun and portable size along with fun colorful sides, sometimes the simplest toys create the longest lasting fun! Fun For All Ages! Each of the 60 blocks is composed of 6 panels that interconnect. Your toddler with smaller hands will enjoy connecting the blocks together and creating towers, buildings or just enjoying the sensory feeling of creating something out of smaller pieces. Blocks, great for child development! With the freedom, creative space and hand eye coordination needed for building with blocks, experts say that blocks are a great toy for any growing child! Between making sure the structure can stand on its own, to imagining different structures, to picking out different colors, every time your child plays with these blocks they will be learning!

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